About ESIE

Empire State Immersive Experiences (ESIE) is a service of the Western New York Library Resources Council (WNYLRC). It provides a host software platform for 360-degree images of places, locations, and objects. These images are searchable using the extensive metadata uploaded with the images and can be transformed using editing tools to add directional inputs and hotspots.

For example, a library which takes several 360-degree images of various spaces and rooms in their library can effectively link them together using the editing tools in the software and provide informational hotspots and layers of information to provide their patrons with a virtual “tour before you go” orientation.

ESIE can be viewed in a VR headset or on desktop or mobile device. Mobile devices can use their gyroscopes to provide motion-based navigation, and VR headsets can navigate by using the hand controls to traverse the tours.

Users of content available in ESIE must adhere to the Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution (CC:BY 4.0) licensing agreement.


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