Metadata Guidelines


Metadata, or data about data, is what allows us to rapidly index and search ESIE content.  In order to upload items, you need to supply some metadata along with them so that others can find your content.

There are five basic types of data you’ll need to provide as a Contributor (our basic input level).  Listed below is each data type, and a brief description of what sort of information should be entered for each field.


Title: What is the object? Be brief, descriptive, and unique

Description: What are the contents? Using a few short sentences, describe what the image or item is or depicts

Location: Where was it taken? A map will pop up and assist you in selecting a location

Creator: Who made it? If a person, use “Lastname, Firstname” format; if an institution or group, use the official name of the group. Be consistent in how you name things!

Date Created: When was it made? A calendar will pop up and assist in selecting the date created


If you’re an ESIE Curator (our advanced input level), there are a few more fields to fill out:


Media Type: What kind of thing is it? A drop-down menu will appear with options to select

Subject: What is the main subject? There are lists of subjects provided by institutions like Wikidata or the Library of Congress.  Choose the subject(s) in the drop-down menus provided