About the ESIE Kit

The Empire State Immersive Experience (ESIE) Kit was developed as an easy to use 360 photo capture kit. It includes a Ricoh Theta V camera, a low profile camera tripod, and documentation on the use of the kit. In exchange for the free use of the kit, we hope that you can share the little piece of the world you record to the ESIE Project to help us preserve snapshots of local experiences and places. With your help, we can archive local history for our future generations.

What’s in the Kit

Photo of Ricoh Theta V 360 Camera and Low Profile Tripod

  • Ricoh Theta V 360 Camera
  • Low profile camera stand
  • Camera charger

How to Use the Kit

  1. When you first receive your ESIE kit, it is always best to fully charge the camera before going to your location.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the low profile tripod. The camera will screw in, and the low profile legs will fold out. You can extend the height of the stand by using a twisting motion to loosen the pole and then reverse the twist to tighten again when you extend the pole to your desired height. There are multiple levels that can be extended so make sure to tighten each part before setting your camera down.
  3. The camera is set with a timer delay of 5 -10 seconds once you press the camera button. The timer will allow you to move out of the way to not block the 360 camera view. It’s always good to test the delay to see what timer is set.
  4. Once you have taken your photo, you can take the camera and the charger cable to connect to a computer to download your photos. We also ask that you contribute to our ESIE Project to share some of your images with the community.