Suggested Equipment


ESIE is compatible with a wide range of 360-degree cameras.  The most common cameras are listed in the table below, and any of these will produce high-quality images to add to the collection.  This is not an exhaustive list but represents the most common options as of 2020.

Manufacturer Model Resolution Storage
GoPro Max 18 megapixel Expandable SD Card
Ricoh Theta SC2 14.5 megapixel 14GB onboard
  Theta V 14.5 megapixel 14GB onboard
  Theta Z1 23 megapixel 19GB onboard
Insta360 Evo 18 megapixel Expandable SD Card
VUZE XR 18 megapixel Expandable SD Card

PLEASE NOTE: ESIE is NOT compatible with phone-based panoramas produced by either iPhone or Android devices.  To ensure a quality imaging experience, please use an omnidirectional camera with a minimum photo resolution of 4k (~8megapixel).

Audio Equipment

To upload audio to ESIE, we recommend using the .mp3 or Apple-encoded .mp4 formats with a minimum bit depth of 128kb/s.  This level of audio is available from any standalone digital recorder.  Audio recorded on a phone may be used, however, the quality may be diminished compared to purpose built digital recorders.


To secure your camera, we recommend using a selfie stick, tripod, monopod, or other attachment.  Any item which uses the standard 1/4-20 UNC threading (available on all cameras listed above) can be used.  Many options are available from a variety of manufacturers at several price points depending on need.  Most cameras will self-stabilize to a degree, but an attachment is recommended for best photo quality.