How-to and Tutorials

Here are some resources and tutorials to walk you through the process of adding content to ESIE!  Embedded copies of each workshop or tutorial are available on the bottom of the page.

ESIE LibGuide:

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Workshop Presentations:

Introduction to ESIE: Empire State Immersive Experiences - presented at WNYLRC, March 2021, 48min

  • This presentation covers everything about ESIE for the beginner.  From account registration to panorama creation, this tour provides a full-featured introduction to the ESIE platform, the metadata requirements, and the upload process.

Introduction to ESIE 2 - Presented at RRLC, October 14, 2021. 50min

  • This presentation is an expanded version of the above, with special attention paid to new features such as AV hotspots and upgrades to the site made in mid-2021.


Uploading Panoramas to ESIE

  • This short video features a walkthrough of the process of uploading a single Panorama. 9min

Creating a Panorama Tour in ESIE

  • This video walks users through the process of creating a Panorama Tour from multiple panoramas, and covers the use of hotspots to add information and multimedia playback capabilities to the tour. 12min
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